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The team at Top Security Services approach their work from a slightly different angle with a view to offering unique benefits to our clients.

For example, we were asked to attend the London Classic Car Show at the Excel Centre in London. It struck us that whilst covering this event, we spend all day just patrolling the stands and to a degree, our time could be put to better use. With this in mind, we suggested, to Kent Ferrari, that we provide a photographic service to them to capture every important moment a sit happens. Indeed, this approach actually enhances our services as you have to pay even closer attention to what is happening.

As a progressive security organisation, we look to continually grow awareness of our services and what better way than through sponsorship? Thus, we took the decision to sponsor an F1 Show Car for the show with our branding being printed on the F1 car’s body.

Our security team, headed by Gary Butler, were very ‘hands on’ and helped unload the F1 Car and place it on the Kent Ferrari stand.

We have been proud to be the only security team selected to support the official Kent Ferrari Owners Club at their many annual events covering both large and small venues, from hotels, outside venues and high-profile charity events.